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Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

Wealth Management is one industry which is vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks because we maintain Personal Identifiable Information and various systems to access financial accounts. At Three Bridges Planning, our technology infrastructure is designed to maximize the protection of both data and assets. 

Layer I – Asset Custody
We custody our advisory assets at Fidelity, utilizing their industry-leading security authentication and data protection measures.

Layer II – Compliance & Oversight
We protect our clients with a second layer of defense by utilizing an independent firm, Kestra Financial, as an intermediary between our firm and client assets.

Layer III – Account Access
We offer real-time portfolio access through our client portal and mobile app.  As a security measure, that account access is read-only to minimize the possibility of a breach resulting in misappropriated assets.

Layer IV – Network Infrastructure and Data Storage
100% of our infrastructure and data are cloud-based utilizing redundant security measures and backups.  We utilize both AWS and Microsoft’s Cloud services.  This architecture enables both data security and remote access for our employees.  Our disaster readiness plan is audited and tested regularly.

Layer V – Communications
Our email servers employ end-to-end encryption for all traffic, both outbound and inbound when replying to a message that originated with us.

Layer VI – Ongoing Monitoring & Training
We employ both internal and external resources to monitor and reinforce our perimeter, including extensive training and testing of our employees.  When forced to choose between convenience and security, we consistently emphasize security for the confidence it breeds.