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A Wealth Management Firm Dedicated to Individualized Tax Planning, Finanical Planning and Invesment Management 

Three Bridges Planning was founded for the sole purpose of being able to offer a true  wealth management experience.  The founders knew that to provide best in class advice, modern planning software and transparent pricing, they would have to leave the constraints of the wire house and the mentality of the bank and form an independent firm.  Partnering with broker dealer Kestra Financial and asset custodian Fidelity, Three Bridges Planning opened its doors on May 1st, 2019.  

Although seemingly a young firm, Three Bridges Planning traces it's roots back to 1972 when Gene McCarthy began his career at A.G. Edwards.  A decade later, in 1983, Dennis Laughlin began with Shearson American Express.  Brendan McCarthy and Brian Laughlin each joined their fathers' practice in the 1990s.  Then in 2002, Gene, Dennis, Brendan and Brian would begin working together at Leg Mason.  A partnership was formed, and although Gene would soon retire, Dennis, Brendan and Brian have been together ever since.  Ultimately, being founders of Three Bridges Planning.  In 2023 Zack Butler joined the firm and works out of the Bradenton, Florida office.  

The team also includes Judy McCarthy and Samantha Verzi.  

<p>The Three Bridges Client Experience&#160;</p>

The Three Bridges Client Experience 

An independent wealth management firm, Three Bridges Planning was formed so that we could provide our clients with custom financial advice and solutions designed to help them achieve their goals.  We are not obligated to promote any particular products, proprietary offerings or make referrals for other services.  Our fee structure is completely transparent.  Our clients receive tax planning and financial planning services, not solely investment management.  Our clients are treated like family.  However, independence doesn't mean that we are alone.  In fact, there's a highly symbolic relationship operating quietly, efficiently, and seamlessly in the background.  We are backed by one of the largest broker-dealers in the nation, Kestra Financial and we custody our advisory assets at Fidelity.

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